School Age

Daily Schedule

6:30am     Children's arrival

7:30       New Boston bus picks up

7:35       Weare bus picks up

7:50       Goffstown bus picks up

School-age children have free play time from when they arrive until they line up for their bus.  See below for possible activities.

2:30pm    New Boston bus drops off at SBLC

3:35        Weare bus drops off at SBLC

3:50        Goffstown bus drops off at SBLC

Children have snack upon arrival at SBLC, then some time for homework.  As weather and the children's arrival time permit, they go outside (see below for list of possible activities). If inside, children have free play choices.  They may choose individual games, pair up, or do group activities.  New ideas and imagination are encouraged.

Indoor activity possibilities:

Puzzles        dominoes                 cards            variety of board games

Checkers      arts & crafts             books            coloring/drawing

Legos           singing/dancing        writing          computer

Barbies        Polly pocket             cars               army men

Trains          kitchen/house          

Constructing using a variety of materials, such as blocks, legos, dominoes, cards, Lincoln Logs, etc.

Outdoor activity possibilities:

Soccer            baseball                 dodge ball                tag                    catch

Basketball       football                 Frisbee                     slides                 jump rope

Simon says      balance beam         running races            swings               monkey bars

Sand play        kickball                 hopscotch

School Buses for Goffstown, New Boston and Weare are provided to us before and after school. SBLC offers a Before School Program that is available to children between 6:30am-8:30am. The After School Program is available between 2:30pm-6:00pm. On snow days/school vacations Strong Beginnings will look at the days individually to determine how many children may attend.