Welcome to Strong Beginnings Learning Center!

Our Mission at Strong Beginnings is to cater to the whole child, by providing a safe and nurturing environment. Our center has a diverse curriculum that nurtures the arts throughout all academic areas, guiding children on the path of literacy and creativity. The staff encourages each child at his/her individual development stage. 

Our philosophies are:
  • Encourage the child's own natural curiosity
  • Supporting independence and individuality
  • Promote socialization
  • Offer hands on experiences
  • Support the child's self-esteem allowing a positive desire to be a life long learner
  • Physical activities is the foundation for growth in both large and small motor development
  • Supporting the arts throughout all the academic areas
  • A passion for literacy

At Strong Beginnings we encourage your participation, ideas, any special talents/hobbies that you would like to share. Your participation will support and enrich our program making us truly unique.